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    The Moor in the Ammergau Alps

    The mud from the moor in the Ammergau Alps promotes
    health and personal wellbeing. Special elements in the
    mud, which are used in many spa treatments, sink through
    the skin into the body. This stimulates metabolism and the
    endocrine glands.

    A moor mud bath facilitates the transfer of heat around the body. The gentle warmth increases the body’s core temperature much more than a water bath of the same temperature. This allows areas of the body with bad circulation, cartilage and joints to be intensely warmed and thus stimulates regeneration in these areas.

    Skin becomes noticeably softer and smoother because inorganic substances from the moor alter its salt composition. Acidity and antibiotic substances inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

    We offer you homemade, natural care products that are prepared using the precious natural resources from the moor.

    Chrystal. Mountain. Power.

    This is a return to traditional folk medicine,
    strengthened by new university research and a unique
    collaboration between modern science and nature-loving
    alpine farmers.

    The result is the emergence of products that, in their natural form, have a unique a scent and unique effects. Authentic natural products that come from our own environment, as an alternative to Aloe Vera, Ayurveda or Lomi Lomi. Arnica is in style over Aloe Vera. And pure olive oil instead of cocoa butter!

    The exceptional quality of all CHRYSTAL products is based on their use of raw materials that come exclusively from controlled wild collections in the manufacture of their products. Herbs and plants that have grown naturally and been able to develop maximal effectiveness in our alpine surroundings.

    These raw materials are carefully hand harvested by experts, whose experience has been passed down through generations. They are gently dried by the sun and processed using traditional methods. The result is the unique alpine natural care product range by CHRYSTAL. At every stage, from the harvest to the bottling, natural polarities, such as light & dark, movement & stillness, heat & cold, are taken into consideration.

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