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  • Alpine wellness with Chrystal natural products

    Chrystal. Mountain. Power. This is a return to traditional folk medicine, bolstered by new university studies and a unique collaboration of modern science and nature-loving mountain farmers. With this, products have been developed, which are unique in their natural composition, their fragrance and their effect.

    Chrystal Harmony
    The herbal foot bath combined with a light massage with St. John's wort cream is soothing and relaxing. You can now immerse yourself in the world of deep relaxation. It is followed by a relaxing massage with St. John's wort massage-milk and steam heated herbal.

    Duration: approx. 85 min.
    Chrystal Peeling & Bodywrap
    Honey peeling massage with rock crystal salt, shower, Chrystal body wrap, additional rest.

    Duration: approx. 55 min.
    Chrystal Zeolite Ritual
    Zeolite eliminates, brakes and prevents the skin aging process. The mineral promotes the activity of other substances, and works immediately by combining with nourishing oils, plants and water. The ritual includes a body wash followed by a bubble bath. Following the pellet with a zeolite-pad massage prepared for the subsequent Biopir body lotion. While the lotion feeds, enjoy a facial cleansing and facial massage.

    Duration: approx. 60 min.
    • 1 x Chrystal Moor-Alpenkräuterpackung                               je 45 Min.
    • 1 x Chrystal Enzian-Murmelöl Sport- & Vitalpackung             je 45 Min.
    • 1 x Chrystal Regeneration- und Anti-Aging-Körperpackung  je 45 Min.
    • 6 x Chrystal Ganzkörpermassage                                         je 60 Min.
    • Preis: 549,00€
    A soothing treatment, which infiltrates the highly effective oils deep into the skin through soothing heat.

    Duration: approx. 60 min.
    Soft-Pack-System Info

    Enjoy the most successful application technology for whole-body skin care.

    Alpine Wellness
    Alpine Wellness Info

    Wellbeing with the power of nature. Treatments with Chrystal natural products.

    Facial care
    Facial care Info

    No part of the body reflects our inner self as directly as our face. That is why it deserves the best!

    Massages Info

    From traditional massages, to Lomi Lomi Nui, to elaborate ceremonies and many more.

    Wellbeing bath
    Wellbeing bath Info

    Relaxation par excellence - dive into a wonderful relaxing bath and just turn off times.

    Thermotherapy Info

    Deeply penetrating relaxation and long-lasting pain relief.

    Courses Info

    Meditation, yoga and Nordic walking. Discover pure satisfaction, feel the healthiness and experience active relaxation.

    Ayurveda Info

    The knowledge of life - Ayurveda. Here you will immediately feel how your body is filled with the energy of life.


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